Christmas always comes packed with magic, merry, and joy. This is a time to share and make your home another paradise on earth. When it’s the Christmas holiday, most homes are looking for the best outdoor light décor ideas to make their homes more feasible.

In this article, we show you how to make your home stand out in the neighborhood. We share with you some of the best holiday lighting ideas you can try at home.

1. Add Animal displays 

You can add some visuals to your outdoor front yard with holiday lights. Consider adding holiday lights that come in different forms like polar bears, reindeer, and moose. 

Christmas outoor decorative acrylic LED reindeers | Outdoor christmas  reindeer, Reindeer outdoor decorations, Outdoor christmas deer

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Try creating your own North Pole or Amazon at home this Christmas. Sparkle the Christmas holiday with some animal decorations in the backyard.

You can take the help of professional decorators for installing Christmas lights.

2. Hang Christmas lanterns 

Bring out the Christmas mood in your home with some vintage lanterns. You can hang these lanterns in the entry door to create an amazing festive atmosphere. Instead of using ordinary candles, you can use battery-powered LED candles to save some bucks. 

These lanterns will not go out when you put them outdoors. They are also less hazardous compared to your conventional candles.

white candle lamp

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3. Install Christmas lights on the porch and deck

If you have a home with a nice deck or handrails on the stairs, you can decorate these with Christmas lights. Decorating the porch and stairs improves the beauty of your home. 

Also, it can help your visitors to see the stairs at night when they enter your home. Add some Christmas cherry and spice up the home mood by decorating your porch with lights.

4. Hang ice lanterns 

Ice lanterns may not be the most durable Christmas lights you should have at home. However, they are worth it for the short time they stick around. If you want to make these lanterns, start by finding some natural treasures in your backyard, like colorful berries and greenery springs. 

Get an empty plastic container and nest both sides. Fill the space between the containers with a favorite flora and water. Put the creation in a freezer for some hours and allow it to take shape. Lastly, drop some LED light to achieve a glowing touch.

white pendant lamp hanging on ceiling outside of snow covered forest

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5. Install a Tomato cage tree 

Outdoor Christmas tree installation is always fun and exciting. A tomato cage tree is another idea you can try to make your home look good this Christmas. For this DIY, all you need is a tomato cage and some strands of two outdoor LED lights. To make the tree extra sturdy, you can stack two tomato cages and collect some tips to secure them together. 

You can use rubber bands for this work. Create some dense cover lights. Wrap the LED strands around the structure you have created. Light up your outdoors by placing the creation outside, just close to the front door.

6. Create a winter wonderland 

You can kick off your Christmas holidays in the winter. Buy some charming holiday luminaries to create a winter wonderland on your home pathways. Here is the tip: Start by drilling holes in 10-inch plastic cylinders in your favorite pattern.  

Then, pop some battery-powered LED lights inside the cylinders to add some glow. This idea is superb for a garden path, parking, and driveway. It is such an amazing way to invoke the holiday spirit during the winter. When it’s cold enough, these LED lights can make you feel warm as you walk down the pathways.

7. Install Christmas light balls 

During the holiday season, most people prefer light balls to spice up their backyards. You can join the merry this holiday and buy some light balls to decorate your home. 

Most light balls are found in holiday light shows and botanical gardens. 

8. Decorate your roof

There is more you get when you focus on lighting up your home exterior. Instead of emphasizing decorative accessories and inflatables, you can think about pure lighting. 

house with string lights

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Take that step to cover your roof with some colored lights. It looks a bit simple and ordinary to cover the roof with lights, but this will definitely make your home glow and feasible from far.

9. Decorate your fence 

The garden fence is another place you should not forget when decorating your home with Christmas lights. To create a welcoming look in your home, you should string the garden fence with LED outdoor lights. 

Don’t forget the walkways and the front door handrails for an amazing look. You create a more realistic appeal when you string lights around the old garden and your compound fence. 

brown bamboo fence with string lights

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10. Trim shrubs and tree trunks 

You have to make your home look neat and presentable this holiday. To achieve this, trim all the thick shrubs and tree trunks in your home compound. Tree trunks and shrubs form the best place to position your Christmas lights. 

Plants look amazing when you wrap the tinsel and lights on them. You can spot any tree in your yard and put some lights on it. It will depend on how much décor you need in your compound.

11. Lower the harsh lights 

If you have lights in the walkways, porch, and garage, you should keep them low. Harsh lights can ruin the mood and lighting ambiance in your home. 

Therefore, you should ensure you turn off all the exterior lights or, better still, change all the high wattage bulbs to achieve a more festive night light. This way, the exterior lights will not overpower the Christmas light interface and spoil the mood in your home.

Final Thoughts 

There are many ways to make your home look nice for the Christmas holidays. If you are running low on ideas, you can count on these eleven tips. Reach out to American Holiday Lights to have your home interior and outdoors ready for the big day.