5 Best Christmas Home Decorating Ideas

Christmas is a time of joy, happiness, family, and friends. It’s the perfect time to celebrate with your loved ones and enjoy great Christmas home decorating ideas. If you want your house to look great this holiday season, you must get the decorating done. 

Suppose you are pondering about home decor for Christmas, we all know how overwhelming it is. There are indeed plenty of Christmas decorations available in stores and online, but maybe it doesn’t fit what you planned for or doesn’t seem to match your home décor style.

Here are the 5 best Christmas home decorating ideas:

Create a Centerpiece for the Dining Table

A centerpiece is an important thing that you should include in your Christmas home decorating ideas. 

A good centerpiece should be in the middle of the dining table so that everyone can see it easily at any time during dinner or party. You may also wish to place some small trees around this centerpiece to look more attractive.

A centerpiece for the dining table can add a touch of color, elegance, and elegance to your dining table during this special holiday season.

A centerpiece is usually used as an eye-catcher at any event or party where food is served. It is a focal point on your dining room table during festive occasions like Christmas dinners or New Year’s Eve parties.

The best way to create a festive centerpiece for Christmas dinner is by using fresh seasonal fruits such as pineapples, grapes, pears, apples, or berries and fresh flowers such as carnations or roses to decorate it to make it more attractive.

Use Christmas Trees

A Christmas tree is one of the most popular holiday decorations around. To make your home look like Christmas Eve, you need to decorate with Christmas trees! Choose a suitable one and place it at the center of your dining room table for maximum effect.

They come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and colors; there is something for everyone when choosing one! The most important thing to remember when choosing one is that you want it to match your décor and style preferences.

If you don’t have any room for a tree at all, consider purchasing one online instead! Many websites offer pre-lit artificial trees at reasonable prices so that anyone can enjoy this beautiful season without worrying about having enough room.

Use Lights and Ornaments

You can also use lights or ornaments to beautify your house at night or during daytime lighting! There are many types of lights that you can use, including:

  • Christmas lights – these are usually blue or red and come in strings, garlands, and tapestries. They can be strung around the house or draped across it.
  • Ornamental lights – are often made from glass, metal, or plastic. They come in all shapes and sizes, from small table lamps to chandeliers.
  • Background lighting – this is used to illuminate walls behind furniture or objects in the room, such as bookshelves or shelves.

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Gingerbread House

Gingerbread house decorating ideas is a great way to create a Christmas atmosphere at home. The design of the gingerbread house is one of the most popular Christmas decorations in many countries.

Gingerbread houses may come from gingerbread cutouts or moldings and are decorated with icing, candy, or even real chocolate. You can also make your gingerbread houses in advance and set them up for your holiday celebration, or you can make them onsite for an added festive touch.

Gingerbread houses can be used for many different occasions throughout the year. They make great treats for dinner parties and other special events. They are a fun way to display holiday decorations around your home while providing a sense of authenticity and tradition.

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Use Decorations

Decorations are another great way to help set the mood for Christmas celebrations. It can be so much fun to decorate your home at Christmas with the help of decorations.

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You can use decorations like garlands, wreaths, and even mistletoe to add some cheerfulness around your house during this time of year. If you have a fireplace in your home, consider putting up some pine cone ornaments too!

There are many types of Christmas decorations that you can use around your house. One of the most popular decorations during this time is Christmas lights. You can hang them on the ceiling, on your windows, or even on your trees.

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In Summary

Styling your home for the holidays doesn’t have to be an expensive, stressful process. We’ve compiled a list of affordable and easy ways to decorate your home.

All of these decorating ideas for your home are not only easy to do but will also make your home look spectacular and festive. 

You don’t need to hire someone or spend a lot to give your home a welcoming look this Christmas. Just try these decorating ideas, and you will get an amazing and unique new look for your home this holiday season.

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How to Choose the Best Christmas Lights for Your Home?

When the holiday mood sets in, it doesn’t feel like Christmas until the lights go up and the countdown begins. You want to be part of this excitement, so you should install LED Christmas lights in your home outdoors.

If you’re looking forward to installing Christmas lights in your home, you should invite a professional to do the work. 

When you opt for a DIY solution to outdoor lighting on your premises this holiday, you should know how to shop for the best quality light strings. Here are the tips to help you buy high-quality lights for your home.

1 – Know the different types of Christmas lights 

There are different types of holiday lights in the market that you can buy if you’re looking for high-quality products. Do a little research on the best outdoor holiday lights to find out which lights are the best for your home.

Over the last decade, exterior lights have become more varied. This makes it more confusing and overwhelming to shop for the best quality lights for your home.

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What type of outdoor lights you go for will narrow down to whether you choose to go with LED or the traditional incandescent lights.

When choosing the best outdoor lighting for your home, you want to consider other factors such as:

– Your initial budget

– Color preference 

– How important is running cost 

– Flexibility of the lighting setup 

– Bulb shape preferences 

– Do you want to create a subdued display, or do you want to make a statement?

Choose your LED lights carefully by considering the above factors to ensure you’re landing the best bulbs for your outdoor lighting.

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2 – Pick your lights by color to set the mood

When setting the mood for Christmas with outdoor lights, you want to choose your lights carefully. The holiday is all about red, white, green, yellow, and many more colors. 

When you choose to go for classic soft lights, it will suit the wintry feel. The holiday lights will be up for the longest time, and the white color will be blurred; you wish you should have added some green and reds to sparkle up the display. 

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You can go for warm and colorful LED Christmas lights if you want to change the look and feel of your home exterior. Bring fun, festivity, and drama with warm colors in your outdoor lighting.

3 – What type of lights do you need?

You can also shop for the best quality LED lights by type. Choose different types of outdoor lights to decorate your home outdoors during the festive season. 

Here are some types of outdoor lights you can opt for when shopping:

– Large bulb lights

– Mini string lights

– LED rope lights  

– Pathway lights 

– Projection lights 

– Wide-angle LED mini lights 

– Battery-operated lights 

– Icicle lights 

The types of LED lights you use will depend on your lighting project. You want to engage with the lighting installer to help you choose the right type of lights for your home.

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4 – Choose energy-saving lights 

When buying outdoor lights for your home, you should consider the voltage. You want to install outdoor lights that will save you money on utility bills. Therefore, you want to avoid the traditional lighting systems because they do not have the cost-saving and energy efficiency feature. 

Traditional lighting may be cheaper to install but will cost you more to run. If you want to cut the energy cost in your home, you should look out for energy-efficient lighting bulbs like LED bulbs. There are different types of LED lights in the market, and you can choose one based on your budget.

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5 – Choose lights that withstand harsh climate 

When buying outdoor lights for your home, you should opt for all-weather LED lights. You should opt for lights that can withstand all weather conditions in your area. You want to determine if the lights you buy can withstand whatever climate.

If you feel like it will rain on Christmas day, you need lights that will be up and running in that kind of weather. Also, if you’re living on the coast, you should beware of the damage salt can cause to your lighting. 

You should always go for weather-proof lights that will keep your home glowing throughout the holiday season.

Final Thoughts 

You should consider a lot when buying quality lights for your outdoor lighting project. If you’re shopping for outdoor lights for your home for the first time, you should consider working with an experienced lighting contractor. 

A professional light installer will help you choose the best quality lights for your home.Always consider the factors explained here the next time you shop for outdoor Christmas lights.

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How to Install LED Christmas Lights?

When the holidays are here, we are all looking for a way to make our premises stand out from the rest. Lighting up your outdoors is one of the easiest ways to make your home shine and set the Christmas mood. But lighting your home with LED lights won’t be that easy if you’re doing it for the first time.

You should always take the help of professional holiday light installation services to install LED Christmas lights. Here are the steps you should follow if you want to light up your home this holiday.

Step #1 – Measure your home before buying the lights 

Measure and know how many feet of string lights you will need to light up your home before shopping. Before visiting your local lighting store, you want to know exactly how many feet you need for the lighting project.

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You want to ensure you’re accounting for every spot you want to illuminate in your home. Measure all the spiraling locations, such as front porch columns. You should also measure the distance to the nearest grounded outdoor outlet and plan the lights accordingly.

Step #2: Make a diagram showing the measurements 

Once you have a footage measurement, you will need LED string lights. You should now make a diagram of the measurements. This way, you can use the diagram to calculate and find out the number of materials you will need for your project.

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You can use the equation: distance (d) / 6 = number of LED lights needed. This formula works for string lights that require 6-inch spacing. This kind of spacing will help you achieve the recommended spacing and a full look for your outdoors.

Step #3: Buy the string LED lights

The next step is to buy the LED string lights you are looking for online in bulk. Shopping for LED lights online saves you money and time. You can have the lights delivered to your doorstep on time.

When you buy lights in bulk, you can cut off the length you desire using wire cutters. Using the vampire plugs, you can also make the male and female ends. Choose between C9 and C7 bulk sockets or simply opt for a combo of both. If you want consistency, make sure you buy varying bulb sizes with the same color and temperature.

While cutting and assembling all the lines, you should label the lines with clear tape to assist you in future installations. You should also test the lines before thinking of hanging them outdoors.

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Step #4: Hang the lights 

At this step, you should be hanging the lights now. You should start right from the top if you want to illuminate your home with Christmas lights. You can follow these steps to hang the LED lights:

– Use universal clips to fasten the lights on the gutter and under the shingles on the roof lines

– On the most difficult areas like the chimney and bricks, you can use hot glue. This can also work well for metal surfaces if you secure the lines with a painter’s tape.

– Wrap the lights and the greenery together where appropriate.

– Secure the power cords and the garland with zip ties, so they don’t fall and stray.

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How to set up your ladder

Before climbing up the ladder, you should have someone to hold the ladder for you and prevent shifting. If the eves are low, you can use a stepladder or an extension ladder.

Place the ladder on the ground firmly and extend it above the eaves. You want to ensure the ladder is leaning at an angle that makes climbing more comfortable. It should not be too steep or flat if you want to be safe when you climb up. You should place a short piece of gutter to reinforce the ladder if you lean it.

Step #5: Add the grounded power stakes 

Before plugging the lights into any outlet, you should take the safe route. Place GFCI stakes in the ground to act as your power source. These come in different sizes, and you get the option to save energy by placing all the outdoor lights on a timer.

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Final Thoughts 

Installing LED Christmas lights for your outdoor is one way of uplifting your holiday spirits, making your home stand out from the rest. You also save a lot of money when you opt for DIY lighting installation. However, when you decide to stall LED lights in your home roofing, you want to ensure you do it right. Follow all the instructions we have listed here to improve your success.

If you’re new to LED light installation, you should hire a pro light installer in your area to do this for you. This will also help you to save time and avoid the unnecessary cost of re-fixing areas that are not properly done.

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What Are the Different Types of Outdoor Lights?

Outdoor lights are a necessary part of any home’s security system. They are great for providing additional lighting for activities outside after dark. Outdoor lights also add curb appeal and value to your home. 

With different types of outdoor lights available, choosing the ones that will work best for your needs is important. This guide will help you understand the different types of outdoor lights and their features to make an informed decision.

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Floodlights are one of the most popular types of outdoor lights. They are great for providing a wide area of light, making them perfect for security purposes. Floodlights can be either halogen or LED. Halogen floodlights are less expensive but require more maintenance, while LED floodlights are more expensive but last longer and use less energy.

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LED floodlights are also waterproof and can operate in all temperatures, making them a good choice for areas that experience extreme weather conditions. Install floodlights in driveways, backyards, and near entry points to your home.


Spotlights are a type of floodlight but provide a narrower beam of light. They are ideal for lighting specific areas such as walkways, gardens, and sculptures. Spotlights can also be used to highlight the architectural features of your home. Because they provide a concentrated light beam, spotlights use less energy than floodlights.

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String Lights

String lights are a popular type of outdoor light used for decorative purposes. They are typically used during the holidays but can be used year-round. String lights are available in various colors and styles, making them versatile for any decor. They are also relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

String lights are a good choice for lighting patios, decks, and pergolas. They can also be used to accent walkways and gardens.

Post Lights

Post lights are a type of outdoor light that is mounted on a post or pole. They are used to light walkways, driveways, and other areas around your home. Post lights come in a variety of styles and can be either solar or electric. Electric post lights are more expensive but provide more light, while solar post lights are less expensive but require more maintenance.

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Canopy Lights

Canopy lights are a type of outdoor light mounted on the underside of a canopy, such as an awning or gazebo. Canopy lights are used for decorative purposes but can also provide practical lighting for areas such as patios and decks. Canopy lights are available in various styles, including string lights, lanterns, and spotlights.

Linear Lights

Linear lights are a type of outdoor light mounted on a wall or other vertical surface. They are typically used to accent architectural features or to provide supplemental lighting for walkways and other areas. Linear lights are available in various styles, including string lights, lanterns, and spotlights.

Industrial Pendant Lights

Industrial pendant lights are a type of outdoor light hung from a ceiling or other overhead structure. They are typically used to illuminate an outdoor area, such as a patio or deck. Industrial pendant lights are typically made from metal or glass. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

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Pendant lights are a versatile lighting option that can be used in various settings. Industrial pendant lights are ideal for outdoor areas such as patios, decks and porches. They add a retro or vintage feel to any setting.


There are many different types of outdoor lights available on the market. The type of light you choose will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Floodlights, spotlights, string lights, post lights, canopy lights, linear lights and industrial pendant lights are all popular choices for outdoor lighting.

When choosing outdoor lights, consider the type of light bulb best suited for your needs. LED light bulbs are the best for outdoor use as they are more durable and long-lasting than other light bulbs. They are also more energy-efficient, saving you money in the long run.

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5 Tips To Choose the Best Commercial Lighting Company

When you’re ready to install or upgrade the lighting in your commercial space, choosing a reliable and reputable lighting company is important. Poorly installed or designed lighting results in safety hazards, increased energy costs, and subpar lighting quality. 

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You want to ensure the job is done right for the first time, giving you the best results and longest lifespan for your investment. The following tips will help you choose the best commercial lighting company for your needs:

1- Decide on the Type of Commercial Lighting You Want to Install

There are many different types of commercial lighting available today. You need to decide which lighting is best suited for your business needs. This will help narrow down your options and make it easier to choose a reputable company specializing in the type of lighting you need.

Some common types of commercial lighting include:

  • Fluorescent Lighting: This type of lighting is energy efficient and often used in office settings.
  • LED Lighting: LED lighting is a newer technology that is quickly becoming the standard in commercial lighting. LEDs are more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan than traditional incandescent bulbs.
  • Metal Halide Lighting: This type of lighting is often used in a warehouse or industrial setting. Metal halide lighting is very bright and can be used to light up large spaces.
  • Induction Lighting: This type of lighting is slowly becoming more popular due to its energy efficiency. Induction lighting uses a magnetic field to create light, making it more efficient than traditional lighting methods.

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Different commercial lighting companies will specialize in different types of lighting. Make sure to choose a company that specializes in the type of lighting you need for your commercial space. The more businesses they’ve done similar lighting projects for, the better.

2- Consider the Company’s Reputation

When you’re choosing a commercial lighting company, consider their reputation. Do they have a proven track record of providing quality lighting products and services? Are they known for their customer service?

You can research a company’s reputation by reading online reviews, talking to other businesses they have worked for, and by checking with the Better Business Bureau. The company should also be able to provide you with examples of similar projects they’ve done in the past. This will give you an idea of the quality of their work.

Read both the positive and negative reviews to get a well-rounded view of the company. If there are more positive than negative reviews, that’s a good sign. Pay attention to the types of complaints that have been made against the company. If there are a lot of complaints about poor customer service or subpar workmanship, that’s a red flag.

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3- Check Licensing, Insurance, and Bonding

Before hiring any commercial lighting company, ensure they are properly licensed, insured, and bonded. This will protect you from liability if something goes wrong during the project.

The company should be able to provide you with proof of their licensing, insurance, and bonding. Licensing gives you the assurance that the company is qualified to do the work you’re hiring them for. Insurance protects you financially if something goes wrong and someone is injured, or property is damaged. Bonding protects you if the company doesn’t finish the job or doesn’t pay their subcontractors.

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4- Ask About Warranty or Guarantee

When investing in commercial lighting, you want to ensure the products you’re using are high quality and will last for many years. You want to ensure the company you’re hiring will stand behind their products and workmanship. When you’re looking at different commercial lighting companies, find out what kind of warranty or guarantee they offer on their products and services. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you’re covered if something goes wrong.

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Most reputable commercial lighting companies offer some type of warranty or guarantee on their products and workmanship. Make sure to read the fine print, so you know what’s covered and for how long. Some companies only offer a limited warranty, so it’s important to know what you’re getting.

5- Get Recommendations from Other Business Owners

If you know other business owners in your area, who have had commercial lighting installed, ask them for recommendations. They can tell you about their experience with different companies and help you narrow down your choices. They’ll give you first-hand insights into the quality of the products and services they received.

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They can also tell you about their overall experience with the company, from the initial consultation to the final installation. This will give you a good idea of what to expect if you decide to hire that company. Find out what type of lighting they had installed and why they chose the company they did. This will help you choose a company that’s right for your needs.


Commercial lighting is an important investment for any business. It can improve the look of your business, make it more energy-efficient, and help you save money on your electric bill. Working with a reputable commercial lighting company is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Use the tips above to find a company you can trust to design and install your commercial lighting.

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Commercial Lighting Services In Western Springs

Are you looking for a professional light installer in Western Springs to install holiday and security lights in your business? Well, your search ends on this page. 

If your Western Springs commercial building is in need of interior and exterior lighting installation and renovation, you have to hire a professional lighting company for help.

When looking for a pro light installer in Western Springs, the best you can get is American Holiday Lights. Whether you are looking for aesthetic or security lighting, you will need a professional to do it. 

There are many reasons you should hire a professional lighting installer in Western Springs for your business. 

Here we look at some reasons to consider giving a our light installers a call:

1 – Professional installation

Fixing or installing lights is no easy task. You may have that ladder and opt for a DIY solution to your lighting problems, but the truth is that it won’t serve you for long. If you are looking for quality commercial lighting installation, the best move is to reach out to a professional lighting installer in Western Spring.

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For instance, when you hire American Holiday Lights, you can be certain that your security and holiday lights will be installed by a professional. Most professional companies have a team of qualified technicians and light installers who ensure the installation is done correctly in line with the set quality and safety standards.

2 – Cost saving

Another reason to hire a professional lighting installer is that you can save on installation, repair, and maintenance costs. A lighting company can save you money in many ways. First, the company will ensure they only use quality and first-grade products in the installation.

An expert light installer can have access and awareness to the best quality products that are affordable and of high quality.  The experience in product selection is an essential factor you want to consider when hiring a professional light installer.

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Having the right equipment will save you on expensive repairs and time. You can be sure the lights will be on for the longest time, so you spend time enjoying your holiday or running the business.

3 – Trustworthy

Hiring a professional lighting installer comes with a lot of benefits. First, they have a team of technicians you can trust. For instance, American Holiday Lights has been active for over two decades, offering lighting solutions to businesses and residents in Western Springs.

We have served over 8,000 happy customers and are still counting. We are rated one of the best lighting companies in the USA, and we look forward to offering you value in every service we deliver. We are trusted with companies like Goose Island and Wild Tuna Sushi. 

4 – Variety of services

When you reach out to a professional lighting company in Western Springs, you get a lot of services under one roof. For instance, we install, maintain, remove, and store your commercial holiday lights at American Holiday Lights.

We also help you with lighting design when you are out of ideas. Our team will visit your premises and engage you in coming up with a lighting design that suits your building. We are always here to make your business stand out from the rest of the park.

5 – Emergency service

An expert lighting installer will help you choose the best quality lighting products that will save you time and money. You will have your Christmas and holiday lights on for the longest time. You don’t have to worry about a burnt bulb when you have the lights installed by a professional.

American Holidays Lights have an emergency team that will visit your premise on short notice to fix everything at no extra cost. Your lights will always be on as you focus on running your business.

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Why consider American Holiday Lights

There is always a factor to consider when choosing a professional light installer in Western Springs. You want to consider years of service or experience level, insurance, fees, and online reviews.

American Holiday Lights has earned an excellent reputation for offering quality and affordable lighting solutions for homes and businesses in Western Springs. We have over 25 years of industry experience, which means we have all it takes to install your security and aesthetic lights to your expectations.

When you give us that call to install commercial lights at your premises, we will engage you throughout the project. First, our team of professionals will help you in choosing the best lighting design for your premises.

We also provide you with an estimated quotation of how much you’ll spend on the project. This way, we help you avoid last-minute surprises.  Our customers love us because we don’t charge any hidden fees.

If you are looking forward to installing quality commercial lights in your building, you should choose a professional lighting company. American Holiday Lights are one of the best you can get for value.

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Best Outdoor Lighting Services In Naperville, IL

Best Outdoor Lighting Services In Naperville, IL

Looking for the finest landscape LED lighting companies? Look no further than American Holiday Lights who are the best outdoor lighting installers in Naperville, IL.

The holidays are finally here, and we are all looking for a way to make our homes and business premises stand out from the rest.

You can always count on American Holiday Lights if you want to give your home and commercial premise a new look this holiday.

American Holiday Lights offers you the best outdoor lighting services in Naperville. Whether you are on a fixed budget and looking for the best light installer in Naperville, IL, we are always here to sort you out.

Why consider American Holiday Lights For Landscape Lighting Installation in Naperville, IL

If you look forward to installing holiday lights in Naperville, American Holiday Lights is one of the best companies you can reach out to. Here are the reasons we are the best in Naperville, IL.

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1- Best customer care 

When you reach out to a professional lighting installer in Naperville, you want to ensure they have all it takes to offer you quality services. American Holiday Lighting has a friendly customer care team who listens and attends to you like a family.  

We have a customer desk that will listen to you and engage you throughout the process. With every lighting project being unique, we engage our customers in every stage to ensure all their needs and preferences are met. 

You can contact us by phone, live chat, and email. Our customer care team will ensure timely responses to all inquiries.

2 – Decades of experience 

Another reason you should look forward to hiring American Holiday Lights is because we have what it takes to install holiday lights in your business and home. We have a team of professional light installers. Our team is fully equipped and skilled in installing holiday lights in your home.

We have been in the industry for 25 years and still counting. With over 32 trained professionals in our team, you can be certain that your lights will be installed with the best in town. We deliver quality workmanship to your home, ensuring your holiday lighting project is successful.

3 – Personalized and professional service 

When it comes to installing holiday lights in Naperville, IL, most people are always looking for a company that will customize their projects.

By hiring American Holiday Lights, you can be certain that your holiday lights will be installed by a professional based on your needs. We involve you throughout the installation process to ensure all your needs are considered.

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Our professional light installers will visit your home and ensure your light display projects come to life. We provide your maintenance service to ensure your display lights are beautiful throughout the year.

4 – Family owned and local Landscape and outdoor lighting company in Naperville

American Holiday Lights is a family-owned and local business. When you reach out to us in Naperville, we will be there in the shortest time possible. We have served over 8,000 happy customers in the US and still look forward to more projects in the future. 

Our team understands all the nitty-gritty of holiday light installation in Naperville and looks forward to offering you the best service.

What you get when you hire our Landscape lighting services in Naperville

American Holiday Lights adopts one of the simplest methodologies in professional light installation. 

We adopt a state of the art technology and first-grade lighting products to ensure your lighting project is successful.

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Here is what our installation process involves:

1 – Lighting design 

If the reason for installing holiday lights in your home or business premise is to make your building and compound stand out, we are ready to get you a unique lighting design to suit your needs. We create personalized lighting designs for businesses and homes. 

We take you through the design process and listen to your needs ensuring we tick all the boxes.

2 – Lighting installation 

American Holiday Lights performs a professional Christmas and holiday light installation. Our team will provide you with a smooth and easy process, resulting in a gorgeous Christmas lighting display.

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3 – Lighting maintenance 

During the holidays, the last thing you want to deal with is a burnt bulb or an extension cord that needs to be replaced. When you have your Christmas lights installed with our professional light installers, you can call us if there is a need for replacement.

We have a response team  that will be there at your premises to have everything working on time. We will take care of your lights and fix everything at no extra cost.

4 – Lights removal 

Once the holiday is over, and everything is back to normal, you don’t have to climb that ladder. We will be there to remove the lights, pack them, and store them safely. We will leave your home exactly how we found it.

Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for the best professional light installers in Naperville, IL, you can count on American Holiday Lights. Get your Christmas and holiday lights installed, maintained, and removed by a professional team.

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Christmas tree

Chicago Holiday Light Installers: Christmas Tree Lighting Service in Chicago

If you stay in Chicago and you plan the best Christmas ever, you should not forget to spice up your home exterior with quality string lights. There are many Christmas light decorators and installers in Chicago willing to offer the best services. All you have to do is choose wisely. 

Find American Holiday Lights to have the job done on time with experts in light decor. Here are some reasons why you should hire an expert Christmas tree lighting provider in Chicago. 

1. Get a free quote 

The first reason you should hire a professional Christmas tree light installer is to get a quote for your lighting project. Planning the light installation project alone might risk your safety. 

A lighting service provider can visit your home and write you a quotation. This way, you can plan your Christmas home decor on your budget. Professional Christmas light installers  will also help you get innovative and quality lights for the décor. This saves you time and money.

2. Choose a design 

Choosing the best lighting design for your home is not as easy as you think. You have to consider many factors when you choose a perfect design that will make your home stand out from the rest. 

A pro light installer will listen to your needs and help you to come up with a perfect lighting design for your home. For instance, American Holiday Lights is committed to ensuring your dream for a perfect home décor comes true.

3. Install quality lights 

You may not be the best person to install those string lights on your backyard and trees. Lighting experts will have this work done the right way. 

When you reach out to a Christmas tree lighting installer, they will help you choose the best quality lights and install them in your perimeter wall, trees, roof, railing, and deck at a subsidized cost. They will leave your home ready to impress and bring out the Christmas mood for your guests.

4. Lighting maintenance 

A Christmas tree light provider will install the lights in your compound and ensure they are working properly throughout the season. 

They have a dedicated response team that will visit your home in case of emergencies. If a bulb burns out, you can be confident they will be there to have it fixed on time. They have the right tools and expertise to get the project on track. 

The relevance of Christmas tree decorations 

When Christmas is finally here, the mood changes, we all want our homes to look neat, spiced up, and ready for the birth of Jesus. Christmas lights are one way to improve both the interior and exterior of your home. Christian value Christmas trees for many reasons, which is why you should have them installed with the right people.

The Christmas tree has a rich history that you should know when you plan to have it this holiday. Of all the decorations you will have in your home for the holidays, the Christmas tree is the most iconic of them. 

In most countries, the Christmas tree became famous when most people believed that an evergreen tree can always keep away the evil spirit. This is quite spiritual. 

According to history, having the evergreen Christmas tree with decorated lights somewhere in your living room can help drive away bad spirits. 

Tree worship was also common in ancient pagan Europe. Following their conversion to Christianity, the evergreen Christmas trees became more popular. Today, most Christians are using the tree to scare away bad spirits, set a tree for birds, and decorate the house. 

The Germans are said to be the ones behind the invention of the Christmas tree. A 16th-century German preacher, Martin Luther, was the first person to bring the Christmas tree inside the house. 

This tree was initially used by pagans and Christians in the early 16th century in the winters to welcome spring. Today, a wide variety of Christmas trees are available. 

You can use them to spice up your house interior as you get ready for Christmas eve. 

How to decorate strings lights on your Christmas tree?

You can follow these steps if you want to decorate your Christmas tree with string lights this holiday.

Step 1: Choose a safe power outlet. 

Safety should come first when decorating your trees with string lights. That said, you should ensure to choose a safe and reliable power source. Avoid overloading your power outlet. For instance, you should not have more than 20 strands per outlet.

Step2: Work towards the bottom

Start working on the tree from top to bottom. That means when you start installing the lights on the tree, you should begin lighting the branches and camouflage the plug connection at the lowest point of the tree. Pull the small branches through the wires to disguise them, wrap the branches, and try to split the wires. 

Step 3: Take a look

You want to ensure your tree is glowing to perfection, giving the exact décor you wanted. Take a step back and look at the entire tree squint. You should be able to see a uniformly lit tree when you look at it from the back. It should have no dark spots or more bright spots. 

Final Thoughts 

When you decide to light up your home with Christmas tree lights, you should be careful who you hire for the installation. It takes a lot to have your home lit and ready for the holidays. 

You can hire experts in this field to design, install, and maintain your Christmas tree lights for the entire season. American Holiday Lights Christmas tree lighting service in Chicago is just a phone call away to provide you with a full quote of our services. 

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Christmas decorations

Christmas Light Decorations Ideas

Christmas always comes packed with magic, merry, and joy. This is a time to share and make your home another paradise on earth. When it’s the Christmas holiday, most homes are looking for the best outdoor light décor ideas to make their homes more feasible.

In this article, we show you how to make your home stand out in the neighborhood. We share with you some of the best holiday lighting ideas you can try at home.

1. Add Animal displays 

You can add some visuals to your outdoor front yard with holiday lights. Consider adding holiday lights that come in different forms like polar bears, reindeer, and moose. 

Christmas outoor decorative acrylic LED reindeers | Outdoor christmas  reindeer, Reindeer outdoor decorations, Outdoor christmas deer

Source: Pinterest

Try creating your own North Pole or Amazon at home this Christmas. Sparkle the Christmas holiday with some animal decorations in the backyard.

You can take the help of professional decorators for installing Christmas lights.

2. Hang Christmas lanterns 

Bring out the Christmas mood in your home with some vintage lanterns. You can hang these lanterns in the entry door to create an amazing festive atmosphere. Instead of using ordinary candles, you can use battery-powered LED candles to save some bucks. 

These lanterns will not go out when you put them outdoors. They are also less hazardous compared to your conventional candles.

white candle lamp

Source: Unsplash

3. Install Christmas lights on the porch and deck

If you have a home with a nice deck or handrails on the stairs, you can decorate these with Christmas lights. Decorating the porch and stairs improves the beauty of your home. 

Also, it can help your visitors to see the stairs at night when they enter your home. Add some Christmas cherry and spice up the home mood by decorating your porch with lights.

4. Hang ice lanterns 

Ice lanterns may not be the most durable Christmas lights you should have at home. However, they are worth it for the short time they stick around. If you want to make these lanterns, start by finding some natural treasures in your backyard, like colorful berries and greenery springs. 

Get an empty plastic container and nest both sides. Fill the space between the containers with a favorite flora and water. Put the creation in a freezer for some hours and allow it to take shape. Lastly, drop some LED light to achieve a glowing touch.

white pendant lamp hanging on ceiling outside of snow covered forest

Source: Unsplash

5. Install a Tomato cage tree 

Outdoor Christmas tree installation is always fun and exciting. A tomato cage tree is another idea you can try to make your home look good this Christmas. For this DIY, all you need is a tomato cage and some strands of two outdoor LED lights. To make the tree extra sturdy, you can stack two tomato cages and collect some tips to secure them together. 

You can use rubber bands for this work. Create some dense cover lights. Wrap the LED strands around the structure you have created. Light up your outdoors by placing the creation outside, just close to the front door.

6. Create a winter wonderland 

You can kick off your Christmas holidays in the winter. Buy some charming holiday luminaries to create a winter wonderland on your home pathways. Here is the tip: Start by drilling holes in 10-inch plastic cylinders in your favorite pattern.  

Then, pop some battery-powered LED lights inside the cylinders to add some glow. This idea is superb for a garden path, parking, and driveway. It is such an amazing way to invoke the holiday spirit during the winter. When it’s cold enough, these LED lights can make you feel warm as you walk down the pathways.

7. Install Christmas light balls 

During the holiday season, most people prefer light balls to spice up their backyards. You can join the merry this holiday and buy some light balls to decorate your home. 

Most light balls are found in holiday light shows and botanical gardens. 

8. Decorate your roof

There is more you get when you focus on lighting up your home exterior. Instead of emphasizing decorative accessories and inflatables, you can think about pure lighting. 

house with string lights

Source: Unsplash 

Take that step to cover your roof with some colored lights. It looks a bit simple and ordinary to cover the roof with lights, but this will definitely make your home glow and feasible from far.

9. Decorate your fence 

The garden fence is another place you should not forget when decorating your home with Christmas lights. To create a welcoming look in your home, you should string the garden fence with LED outdoor lights. 

Don’t forget the walkways and the front door handrails for an amazing look. You create a more realistic appeal when you string lights around the old garden and your compound fence. 

brown bamboo fence with string lights

Source: Unsplash

10. Trim shrubs and tree trunks 

You have to make your home look neat and presentable this holiday. To achieve this, trim all the thick shrubs and tree trunks in your home compound. Tree trunks and shrubs form the best place to position your Christmas lights. 

Plants look amazing when you wrap the tinsel and lights on them. You can spot any tree in your yard and put some lights on it. It will depend on how much décor you need in your compound.

11. Lower the harsh lights 

If you have lights in the walkways, porch, and garage, you should keep them low. Harsh lights can ruin the mood and lighting ambiance in your home. 

Therefore, you should ensure you turn off all the exterior lights or, better still, change all the high wattage bulbs to achieve a more festive night light. This way, the exterior lights will not overpower the Christmas light interface and spoil the mood in your home.

Final Thoughts 

There are many ways to make your home look nice for the Christmas holidays. If you are running low on ideas, you can count on these eleven tips. Reach out to American Holiday Lights to have your home interior and outdoors ready for the big day. 

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Should You Hire Someone To Do Christmas Lights Installation And Decoration?

Hiring someone to do Christmas decorations for your home is always useful. Christmas is a festival of love and joy that happens across the globe yearly. When Christmas is around the corner, most Christian families are always doing preparations for the day. 

You can feel the mood in your neighborhood change with light and flower decorations on the roof, plants, and backyard. People decorate their homes to set the perfect mood for Christmas and welcome the season.

There is more to Christmas, and most families always look for the best moments on this day. The advent of Christmas light decorations borrows a lot from the ancient Yule tradition. The Norsemen would celebrate the Yule festival by drinking sacrificial beer while watching a Yule log burn. 

Today Christians decorate their homes with light as a way of representing Jesus Christ lighting up the darkness in the world. Lighting is also a symbol that holidays are underway, and most people would have them to spice up their homes and get ready for the Christmas festivals.

When Christmas is around the corner, the best you should do is hire someone to do Christmas lights decoration. 

Professional Christmas Decorations And Holiday Lighting For Your Home

Holly Shrub

Most people prefer to have this plant in their homes during the Christmas holiday. The shrub is unique in the sense that it can withstand high temperatures of up to 110 degrees F. They produce attractive berries and sharp-toothed leaves that remain on the plant for long. 

Christians prefer to have this kind of plant in their home decors because it is a symbol of long life and the immortality trait that God has given every human being. The sharp leaves represent the crown of thorns that the soldiers used to mow Jesus during his crucifixion. 


Gifts are also part of Christmas decorations. During Christmas, you should focus more on giving than receiving. This is the perfect time to put a smile on other people’s faces. The wise men honored Jesus with gifts like myrrh, gold, and frankincense for giving himself to us on Christmas. 

The manger signified that Jesus was a king born in Bethlehem. The gifts that wise men gave to baby Jesus when on his birthday inspire the concept of sending people gifts today on Christmas day.

Christmas Tree

St. Boniface converted the German people to Christians in the early 700s and demolished the Oak of Thor. This was a mighty tree that the Saxons worshiped. On the spot where the tree was demolished grew another tree that Boniface would take as a symbol of Christian faith. 

A small tree was brought indoors and decorated with candle lights to honor the birth of Jesus Christ. That was over 1500 years ago. 

By the 18th Century, the concept of decorating Christmas trees with lights was already popular in Austria, Germany, and France. Today, the Christmas tree still represents the original tree of paradise, the branch of Jesse from which Jesus originates, and the burning bush that spoke to Moses. 

The Christmas tree is evergreen throughout the year, and because of this, it is a sign of hope to Christians. The tree is cut down and erected again, a symbol of Christ’s resurrection.

When Christmas is almost here, most families will be on the lookout for this special type of tree. Hiring a Christmas tree decorator is a good choice. You can reach out to professional Christmas tree decorators to have the tree shipped and installed in your home.

Christmas Lights And Candles 

There is no Christmas without lights and candles. Candles and lights symbolize that Jesus is the light of the world. Candles remind us that we are the lights of other Christians, and we should show them the way, just like Jesus in his teachings.


Bells also make part of Christmas decors. Bells were part of the Jewish high priest’s garb and would symbolize the joy of the world. 

Having bells in your Christmas home decors reminds you that Jesus is the high priest. They also make your Christmas trees stand out, especially when you decorate them with candle lights. 

What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Christmas Lights Decorator? 

Why should you hire a Christmas lights decorator for your home when the holidays are almost here? When you are looking forward to the lights event, you can hire a professional holiday lights decorator to provide you all types of lighting.

Lighting Design

Lighting service includes finding the best lighting design for your home. Professional lights decorators are committed to offering modern lighting designs for every client. When you hire lighting design services, you can be certain your home will stand out from the rest.

Light Installation

Installation is another reason you should get a pro light service for the job. For instance, American Holiday Lights provide expert light installation for customers at a reduced cost (read this article to know more about Christmas lights installation prices.) The company adopts a smooth and easy installation process from start to finish to light up your home. 

Lighting Maintenance

A light service provider stays on the lookout during the festive, providing real-time lighting maintenance. When a bulb burns out, you can be sure a team will be there to have it fixed on time. 

Lights Removal

Finally, when the holidays are over, you have to remove the lights and store them. Professional light decorators have the skills and tools to remove all the lights and leave your house as it was before the festival. 

When you hire a professional Christmas light decorator, you can be certain your home lighting service will be handled with the right people. These experts design, install, maintain, and repair broken décor and lights during and after the festival. 

Final Thoughts 

When Christmas is almost here, you should prepare to welcome the birth of Jesus. 

A reliable lighting decorator will provide a clear plan and quotation of how much you will spend on your décor project. This way, you are able to plan your budget and make necessary arrangements to have the lights installed in your home. 

When looking for experts to do your home décor for the festival, you can always count on American Holiday Lights. We have the expertise, tools, and high-quality products to have your décor project completed to perfection. 

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