To hang your Christmas lights on the peak of your roof, the first thing you need to consider is your safety. Always have someone to hold your ladder whilst you climb the side of your house. And make sure that you have all of your lights, detangled and easily accessible in a belt or harness secured close to your body.

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You will need hooks or clips, depending on the construction of your roof; but this will become apparent when you carry out an inspection. You need to ask yourself: shall I drill permanent holes for hooks, so I can easily hang the lights every year? Or you can fix temporary hooks – just pop to your local hardware store and you’ll find them there.

Make sure the weather is conducive to hanging lights and your ladder is secure

Only ever hang Christmas lights when the weather is dry. Don’t be tempted to cut corners.
Use a ladder that can extend at least 3ft above the peak of where you need to climb, and ensure that it grips the ground firmly, and is free from mud or dirt.

When you climb the ladder, be sure to have three points of contact at any one time. It is always worth checking the ladder to see if rust or mould has set in – especially if it hasn’t been used for some time. Wear shoes that fit well, and have a good grip, and never climb past the fourth rung from the top of the ladder.

Attaching the Christmas lights

If you’re attaching to shingles, use the first clip to connect to the shingle and feed the first bulb into the clip. Or carry out the same action if you’re using hooks. Carefully climb your roof, attaching the clips/hooks approximately 12-inches apart. Be sure to make things fit tightly so they are not displaced in bad weather.

Once you reach the peak of your roof, you might want to consider having your partner move the ladder to the opposite side. You then need to run an extension cable down the side of your home, being sure to tuck it under the guttering where possible. This will then need to be plugged into the nearest socket, which will need to be fully protected from the elements.

Things to consider when you hang Christmas lights on roof peak

  • Check that your ladder is in tip-top condition
  • Check to see where the nearest power source will be
  • Be sure to have all the lights untangled and easily accessible – close to your body in a belt or harness
  • Decide whether to use hooks or clips
  • Have a partner, ready to help you
  • Wear good-fitting shoes with lots of grip
  • Don’t wear loose-fitting clothes
  • Only hang lights in good weather, during the day (ideally with plenty of sunlight)
  • Use a timer to switch the lights on at the appropriate time
  • Be sure that you will not be causing any harm or inconvenience to your neighbours

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