When the holiday mood sets in, it doesn’t feel like Christmas until the lights go up and the countdown begins. You want to be part of this excitement, so you should install LED Christmas lights in your home outdoors.

If you’re looking forward to installing Christmas lights in your home, you should invite a professional to do the work. 

When you opt for a DIY solution to outdoor lighting on your premises this holiday, you should know how to shop for the best quality light strings. Here are the tips to help you buy high-quality lights for your home.

1 – Know the different types of Christmas lights 

There are different types of holiday lights in the market that you can buy if you’re looking for high-quality products. Do a little research on the best outdoor holiday lights to find out which lights are the best for your home.

Over the last decade, exterior lights have become more varied. This makes it more confusing and overwhelming to shop for the best quality lights for your home.

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What type of outdoor lights you go for will narrow down to whether you choose to go with LED or the traditional incandescent lights.

When choosing the best outdoor lighting for your home, you want to consider other factors such as:

– Your initial budget

– Color preference 

– How important is running cost 

– Flexibility of the lighting setup 

– Bulb shape preferences 

– Do you want to create a subdued display, or do you want to make a statement?

Choose your LED lights carefully by considering the above factors to ensure you’re landing the best bulbs for your outdoor lighting.

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2 – Pick your lights by color to set the mood

When setting the mood for Christmas with outdoor lights, you want to choose your lights carefully. The holiday is all about red, white, green, yellow, and many more colors. 

When you choose to go for classic soft lights, it will suit the wintry feel. The holiday lights will be up for the longest time, and the white color will be blurred; you wish you should have added some green and reds to sparkle up the display. 

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You can go for warm and colorful LED Christmas lights if you want to change the look and feel of your home exterior. Bring fun, festivity, and drama with warm colors in your outdoor lighting.

3 – What type of lights do you need?

You can also shop for the best quality LED lights by type. Choose different types of outdoor lights to decorate your home outdoors during the festive season. 

Here are some types of outdoor lights you can opt for when shopping:

– Large bulb lights

– Mini string lights

– LED rope lights  

– Pathway lights 

– Projection lights 

– Wide-angle LED mini lights 

– Battery-operated lights 

– Icicle lights 

The types of LED lights you use will depend on your lighting project. You want to engage with the lighting installer to help you choose the right type of lights for your home.

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4 – Choose energy-saving lights 

When buying outdoor lights for your home, you should consider the voltage. You want to install outdoor lights that will save you money on utility bills. Therefore, you want to avoid the traditional lighting systems because they do not have the cost-saving and energy efficiency feature. 

Traditional lighting may be cheaper to install but will cost you more to run. If you want to cut the energy cost in your home, you should look out for energy-efficient lighting bulbs like LED bulbs. There are different types of LED lights in the market, and you can choose one based on your budget.

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5 – Choose lights that withstand harsh climate 

When buying outdoor lights for your home, you should opt for all-weather LED lights. You should opt for lights that can withstand all weather conditions in your area. You want to determine if the lights you buy can withstand whatever climate.

If you feel like it will rain on Christmas day, you need lights that will be up and running in that kind of weather. Also, if you’re living on the coast, you should beware of the damage salt can cause to your lighting. 

You should always go for weather-proof lights that will keep your home glowing throughout the holiday season.

Final Thoughts 

You should consider a lot when buying quality lights for your outdoor lighting project. If you’re shopping for outdoor lights for your home for the first time, you should consider working with an experienced lighting contractor. 

A professional light installer will help you choose the best quality lights for your home.Always consider the factors explained here the next time you shop for outdoor Christmas lights.